Back Data Engine

The ToteBetter Back Data Engine is a standalone application that can be installed on a user's computer to run “what if” scenarios on past race days. You can test your prices against the three totes and get a breakdown of how your prices compare for all most bet types.

The engine uses the a custom build past data day file, based on the various tote feeds to load a full day of racing. Users can either enter or upload their own prices into the engine then run simulations of win, quinella, exacta, trifecta and First4 bets against the three totes.

Users can select which tote they want to compare for the exotic predictions, using the traditional Harville model or ToteBetter's own model of predictions against historical should pays, taking into account tote takeouts and inefficientince in the betting markets. (See Historical Tote Data)

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The Back Data Engine requires that you have TAB accounts to collect the data. ToteBetter can provide one past day file for testing purposes.