Betting Programs

ToteBetter provides for two ways to utilise its products:

  1. Standalone betting application
  2. .NET DLL modules to be incorporated into your own applications through Visual Studio: C#, VB, ASP

Please note: ToteBetter DOES NOT provide betting systems, prices, markets or tips. We develop and provide enabling applications that allow punters to trade based on information from their own or third party services.

Standalone applications are either Windows .NET applications or MS Access applications that reside on your own computer. Depending upon a user's needs, they obtain their data feed from the Totes directly or third party suppliers such as Subscriptiondata, or The Odds Broker. Bets can be made with any and all Totes for all Australian and New Zealand meetings.

The DLL modules can be licensed for use by developers in their own applications or by end users themselves.

For pricing of the various components see the Buy Now link.

ToteBetter has developed a betting program that allow users to enter or upload their own prices for comparison with the three Australian Totes. Both programs allow for a user to enter their own prices into the program which then enables the application to create the following bets:

Win prices are compared to each tote separately, and bets can be placed on overlays at each tote.

The system is designed to compare “your” exotic prices with a “should pay” based upon the current Win tote price. The ToteBetter application does not use a pure mathematical Tote price, rather it uses a comparison against historical trends for each combination “should pay”.

Here is an example. A greyhound trifecta combination for runners 1,2,3 is calculated at $45 coming in first, second and third based upon your prices for runners 1,2 and 3. Let's say the mathematical formula for the win Tote prices for runners 1,2,3 results in a price of $38 — The ToteBetter application looks up a table of the history of all Greyhound trifecta dividends that were predicted to pay $38, the application then then looks at what they actually DID pay on and we use that average as the “should pay” for that combination.

The application allows for comprehensive customisation that lets you select what bet types you wish to take, with which totes. Of course you can bet on all three codes, on every race covered by the totes or filter the races by Races, Harness or Greyhounds.

You can select your betting targets, projection cut off price, market percentages for each bet type.

The ToteBetter application can be operated manually race by race, or set to run on Remote Operation. The Remote Operation works via the creation of a betting queue.

Firstly, you select the meetings you wish to bet on, you then exclude any race you do NOT wish to bet on. You simply enter or upload your prices for all the other races and you now have a queue of races.

You select Remote Operation and the ToteBetter application will automatically create, compare and place bets according to your preferences. The time of bet placement can be customised too. You can set the program to bet at any time prior to, at jump time or after a specified lag after jump time.

The ToteBetter application is designed to operate from a variety of sources:

  1. Bettordata Engine (requires separate subscription)
  2. NSW/VIC Web Service (account required)
  3. Tatts NetBet Pro (account required)
  4. NZ TAB (for betting directly with the NZ TAB, account with NZ TAB required)